Former Customer Arrears

If you are a former customer and left our property with arrears on the account you should call 0300 303 9848 or email us about arranging a repayment plan if you have not already done so.

Any rent arrears left once you leave your property remain your responsibility and we will take appropriate legal action to collect any money owing from these debts. This will include your case being passed to a Debt Collection Agency which will affect your credit rating for years to come.

Weaver Vale Housing Trust and other landlords can also refuse to re-house you due to this debt.  

You can pay former customer arrears in the same way as paying your rent.

How can I make sure I have no arrears when I move out of my property?

  • Once you have given us notice that you are terminating your tenancy, you will receive a letter confirming notice has been received and the date that the tenancy will end. You are responsible for all rent charges during this period and until you return your keys to us.
  • Housing benefit will end the day you move out not the day your tenancy ends.You will need to pay any rent that is not covered by housing benefit yourself. Contact us to see if you are eligible for houisng benefit on two homes.
  • You can check your rent account when you hand in your keys by asking for a final rent balance. If you are still in arrears at this point, an arrangement should be made to clear the balance.

How can I have arrears when I have moved out of my tenancy?

  • If you fail to give the four clear weeks notice required in writing or abandon your property you will be charged rent for the full four week notice period. You will also have lost the opportunity to discuss any outstanding repairs that are necessary and as a result you could also be recharged for these.
  • If you do not hand in your keys by the required date or time you may be liable for additional rent. It is very important that you check when and where to return your keys to avoid this.
  • If you have an outstanding housing benefit claim for your former tenancy, it is crucial that you discuss your claim with the benefits team at your local council office prior to terminating your tenancy.

REMEMBER: Housing benefit will only be paid whilst you are living in the property but rent will be charged until your keys are returned and your four week notice period has ended.

What action can we take to recover former tenant arrears?

  • If you ignore your arrears, and fail to respond to our arrears reminder letters, your debt will be passed to our Debt Recovery Agency for further action.
  • We may also take legal action against you to recover the debt. Any legal action taken will affect your credit rating.
  • The debt will also be disclosed in any reference that we provided in respect of your tenancy and future tenancies with other landlords.

What happens in the event of death?

  • In the event of a death, the standard four weeks notice applies. Rent will be due up until the tenancy end date.  Please contact us as soon as possible to see what information will be required.
  • If the customer was in receipt of housing benefit, their claim will end on the Sunday following their death.
  • If there is no money left in the estate to clear the arrears, a letter must be sent to us stating this. Please include a copy of a relevant bank statement, or similar suitable evidence which will allow us to write the balance off. If you require further details, contact us.

Can I apply for another Weaver Vale Housing Trust tenancy if I have former customer arrears?

  • You can apply to join the housing list but any debt you have after ending your tenancy may stop you being housed with us and could prevent you from being housed with Cheshire West & Chester Council, other Registered Social and Private Landlords unless you agree and maintain an arrangement to repay the debt.