How to make a complaint

Customer Complaints 

You can read our current customer complaints policy here, (updated December 2020) and the full complaints procedure and guidance notes here (updated April 2021)

Our aims

We aim to ensure that Customer Complaints are dealt with fairly and consistently and are resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.  We also aim to promptly put matters right (where required) and to ensure that any lessons learnt from complaints are used to improve service delivery. We aim to get everything right the first time, but sometimes we get things wrong and you might want to complain.

Issues which will not be dealt with under the Customer Complaints Policy

The following issues will not be dealt with under the Customer Complaints Policy:

  • Complaints relating to anti-social behaviour, neighbour nuisance and other alleged breaches of a Tenancy Agreement – these will be addressed by the Trust’s Anti-Social behaviour Policy and other procedures in relation to tenancy management.
  • Allegations of fraud –these will be considered under the Trust’s Anti-Fraud Policy.
  • Complaints that have already been dealt with under this Policy
  • Complaints referring to that occurred historically, where there has been no prior complaint made may not be investigated, unless there are clear and extenuating circumstances meaning the complainant was unable to make the Trust aware of the complaint earlier. Individual circumstances will be taken into account and the Trust will always investigate a complaint where this is possible.

Where the Trust decides not to accept a complaint a detailed explanation will be provided to the complainant setting out the reasons why the matter is not suitable for the complaints process.

How to report a complaint 

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Complaints Review Panel Annual Report, Read the latest report  WVHT Annual Complaints Report July 2020-21.

Housing Ombudsman Service

All tenants and leaseholders of the Trust can seek advice and obtain information from the Housing Ombudsman about raising a complaint at any time  WVHT - HousingOmbudsman Complaints Self Assessment July 2021

To find out more about the Housing Ombudsman Service and how it may help you visit


Telephone 0300 111 3000

How to make a complaint

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