How to make a complaint


We have amended our Customer Complaints policy  

From 1st April 2018, we have amended our Customers Complaints policy.  This has been done in order to reduce the time taken to resolve your complaints.  

Our Customer Voice Panel and another a panel of involved customers have been consulted on the changes made.

The main changes made to the Customer Complaints policy are:

  • The introduction of an informal complaints stage, with a five day response target. This is to be used for less complex complaints but only where the complainant agrees to this approach being taken.
  • The removal of the Director Review stage - reducing the formal complaint stages from three to two.
  • The Trust’s Designated Tenant Panel has been withdrawn following consultation with you last year via Your Home and an E Voice survey.

Our aims

We aim to ensure that Customer Complaints are dealt with fairly and consistently and are resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.  We also aim to promptly put matters right (where required) and to ensure that any lessons learnt from complaints are used to improve service delivery.

We aim to get everything right the first time, but sometimes we get things wrong and you might want to complain.  

How to make a complaint

The “How do I make a complaint” leaflet  Page 1 &  Page 2 explains:

  • Who can make a complaint.
  • The different ways you can make a complaint.
  • How we will deal with your complaint - including the various stages and our response times.
  • What you can do if you are not happy with our response.

Issues which will not be dealt with under our Customer Complaints policy

  • Disputes between neighbours or other parties - these issues should be referred to our Tenancy Enforcement Team to be actioned in-line with our  Anti-Social Behaviour policy.
  • Housing applications made via West Cheshire Homes - complaints should be made to West Cheshire Homes to be dealt with under its complaints policy.
  • Allegations of fraud or misconduct – these will be considered under the Trust’s Anti-Fraud Policy.
  • Complaints that have already been dealt with under this Customer Complaints policy.
  • Complaints referring to events more than 6 months ago, where there has been no prior complaint.

Report your complaint by:

  • Emailing it to:
  • Completing the complaint form on the back of the leaflet and posting it to the address provided. 
  • Phoning us on 0300 3039 848
  • Please complete the short form below
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