Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) / Neighbourhood Disputes

We take all reports of ASB seriously and will contact customers to discuss the issue and agree a plan of action going forward. We will also agree how and when we will contact you to update you. Our aim is to resolve disputes as best we can – this may involve getting the two parties to speak to each other, it can involve issuing warnings or it may ultimately result in taking legal action.

What is ASB ? 

ASB is acting in a way that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress to one or more people in another household.  In relation to housing, this can be committed by any member of a household or their visitors either at or near to their property.  It can consist, but is not limited to, acts such as noise nuisance, rowdy or disruptive behaviour and issues with pets.

What is Crime?

Crime is a deliberate act or failure to act which causes physical or psychological harm, damage or loss of property and is against the law.  Criminal behaviour can include such acts as drug use/dealing, threats/actual occurrences of violence or verbal abuse and harassment.  Crime issues should be reported to the Police – The Trust will support the police in any action they take and will follow up with action against the tenancy following the completion of the police action.

Case Study

With the Trust’s support, Cheshire Police obtained a closure order on a property due to ongoing issues related to Drug activity at a property. The Trust then followed this up to end the tenancy and address the problem in the long term.

What can I do?

Sometimes the quickest and easiest way of dealing with an issue, may be contacting your neighbour yourself.  It is entirely possible that they do not know that the behaviour is causing issue to other people. If you do not feel confident to do so, you may consider putting a polite note through your neighbours letterbox to explain what the issue is and how it is affecting you. You could start the note by saying “This is a polite note to make you aware that…”. If you are able, give them chance to discuss the matter with you.

If that doesn’t work, the Trust may offer you the opportunity to engage in mediation – Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where people involved in conflict are helped by a neutral third party (the mediator) to resolve their problems collaboratively. Both parties look to come up with an agreement that both sides will keep to.

The Trust may also ask you to download the Noise App or keep a diary. This is so we can gather evidence and understand exactly what is going in a particular situation. This will assist us in knowing how to move forward.

What will happen?

Reporting ASB or Crime can be something which worries people as they think it may come back on them. We deals with reports confidentially and we do not disclose the details of whom has reported an issue to us to the individual household concerned. There are also confidential and anonymous ways to report crime to the Police.  We will always work to address ASB where it can and will work with other agencies to address issues.

“See It, Say It”

One of the issues that both the Trust and local agencies like the Police encounter is that we often do not know about a situation until much further down the line or until the problem has become really bad. We want all Trust customers to “See it & Say It” – if you come across ASB or Crime in your local area, please report it into the relevant agency and we can then begin to start addressing the problem together.


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