About us

about us

A little bit about us

We are a housing association formed in July 2002, operating in Cheshire and Warrington, owning more than 6,500 homes, plus garages, shops, community play areas, and green open spaces. Our homes are spread across Cheshire and Warrington. We are committed to doing all we can to improve people’s quality of life and have a clear vision for our future, which places people at the heart of all we do by investing in our colleagues, customers, assets, services, neighbourhoods, and communities.

Our Future

In April 2024  we launched our next three-year corporate plan, renewing and building upon our commitment to put customers at the heart of everything we do and build back fairer in our communities. Alongside this we reevaluated our existing vision and values and developed a new set that authentically reflected the growing purpose behind all that we do every day to support our communities, customers and colleagues.

Together with Board, colleagues and involved customers we formulated a new vision and set of values. 

Our vision is

"Working together to provide quality homes, places, and services, making a positive impact for people."

Our new set of values are


You’ll notice CARE is also there… because that’s at the heart of our culture.

Our vision and values are more than talking points, they underpin everything we do, day in day out. 

We're building back fairer

We have an ambitious Corporate Plan which will see us delivering significant investment into our existing homes and communities, with an additional development target to bring 500 new homes into our management in the next five years (commenced April 2024). We, along with our Shared Ownership brand 'Prospa Homes' are proud to reinvest back into our communities and neighbourhoods, we support regeneration and create more affordable homes for the communities we serve

Our Support Teams deliver a range of services focused on supporting customers to thrive in their communities. In 2022/23 our Money Matters Team delivered more than £4Million in Income Gains for our customers. These figures represent a 25% increase in support provided, compared to the previous financial year (2021-2022). The Money Matters Team’s specialist advisers provide practical support and guidance for customers who are having trouble making ends meet, experiencing difficulties with benefits, or falling behind on rent.

You can read more about our corporate plan here

Our Culture

We are listed in the ‘Best Companies’ colleague engagement league tables as a three-star company to work for, having retained this listing for 14 years. In November 2023 we were once again placed Number One in the Best Companies to work for listing (housing association). Prior to that, in 2022 we placed Number One in Q1, Q2 and Q3 (housing association listing) to work for in the UK.

In our most recent colleague engagement survey, 87% of colleagues told us the Trust is a 'great place to work'.

We are rated G1/V1 by the Regulator of Social Housing.