Open Space and Communal Area

Our Open Space team look after the appearance of the communal spaces around your home such as open spaces, play areas and internal communal areas. You can read the full policy by clicking here.

Here is everything they do in Spring and Summer.

ss open space

All trees located within our open spaces are regularly surveyed. Maintenance work is carried out during the autumn and winter to avoid the bird nesting season.

Play Areas:
Play areas owned by us are inspected weekly by our Community Caretaking Team. The Trust also carries out quarterly and annual ROSPA inspections.

Communal Areas:
Internal and external communal areas owned by us will be inspected once a month by our Community Caretaking Team. They are carried out to ensure that our communal areas and properties are in good condition and allow us to identify any potential hazards or required repairs.

Estate caretaking service:
You will see our community caretakers out and about around your estates, they will:

  • Conduct estate inspections and carry out minor repairs
  • Complete ad-hoc horticultural work to support the grounds maintenance contractor
  • Litter pick
  • support community and partnership events
  • Remove graffiti
  • Carry out low level tree maintenance
  • Plant trees and bulbs
  • Maintain our play areas
  • Replace signage

Grounds maintenance:
Our grounds maintenance look after the following:.

Grassed areas:
Grass is cut from March to November, all litter will be removed from the area prior to cutting and all grass cuttings will be removed once cutting is complete. Litter will continue to be removed over the winter and the areas will be edged.

Hard Surfaces:
These include pavements, pathways, communal areas and car parks owned by us. Litter is removed regularly and during growing season, weeds are treated.

Maintenance of Shrub Beds:
The shrub beds are kept weed and litter free. Shrubs are pruned over the winter

Hedge Cutting:
Hedges are cut twice per year. Hedge cutting includes the removal of brambles, litter, debris, weeds and nettles. Cuttings are removed on the same day.