Get Involved in Your Area

Our Neighbourhood Team frequently run events out in our Communities to consult with customers on your local priorities. Getting involved in community events helps us to shape services in your local area.

Currently, we have three key Neighbourhood focus areas; GGO West Winsford, Greenbank and Crook Lane & Wharton Gardens. In all of these areas there are activities that you can get involved in to make your neighbourhoood a better place.

To find out more, speak to your Neighbourhood Services Officer

Green Inspectors

Being a Green Inspector is a great way of helping us to monitor the performance of our Grounds Maintenance contractor, The Landscape Group. You will be our eyes, checking to make sure our neighbourhoods are maintained to an excellent standard.

For more information email us or call 0300 303 9848.

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Help us make your Home and Neighbourhood a great place to live

get involved

I have time to attend meetings

Then the Customer Voice Panel, Tenant Partners or Scrutiny Panel might be for you.

The Customer Voice Panel - The Customer Voice panel hears from staff throughout the Trust and provides reassurance to the Board on how our work meets the standards set by the Housing Regulator. The Panel also discusses a range of issues and policy reviews and are involved in the decision-making process to improve housing services for all.

Meetings are held once a month for up to 5 hours, along with attending a joint meeting with the Board twice a year. All Customer Voice Panel members receive training and have an agreed Code of Conduct which includes a commitment to respecting and understanding the confidentiality of the information they receive.

No formal qualifications are required however, you must have been a Weaver Vale tenant for 12 months or more and not currently serving as Town Councillor or have done so during the last 4 years.

Tenant Partners - We currently work with a number of Tenant Partners who play a vital role in checking the quality of services that we provide.

The main aim of our partners is to ensure that the voice of a wider representation of customers is heard and that as tenants, you we have more opportunities to be able to influence and change what the Trust does for the better.

Tenant Partners carry out regular inspections on empty properties before they are let to ensure they meet our ‘lettable standard’ that sets out the condition properties should be.  As well as regular telephone surveys, site visits and on-line research to ensure that services meet our service standards.

Over the next few months Tenant Partners are busy consulting with tenants to:

- Determine Tenancy Standards around Garden Maintenance  

- Review of satisfaction levels in our customers less than 35 years.

This summer we will be looking to recruit new members who can support the Tenant Partners to gather feedback at a neighbourhood level and make a difference in their community.  This would require your support to complete surveys to support an annual neighbourhood consultation (speaking to your family, friends and neighbours) and attendance on a neighbourhood walkabout.  This gives the Trust has an understanding of issues that affect residents and what its like to live in a particular neighbourhood.    

Scrutiny Panel – The Scrutiny Panel is an independent group of customers who meet once per month for approximately 2 hours.  The key role of the Scrutiny Panel is to act as a “critical friend” to the Trust to help drive improvement, efficiency, satisfaction levels and value for money.  This panel challenges performance and listens to the views of customers and staff on what works well and what needs to be improved.  The Scrutiny Panel works with Service Directors to develop realistic solutions to improve services and make a real difference.  There is also the option for customers who are unable to attend meetings to join the Scrutiny Panel from home online.

Members of the Scrutiny panel must have an enquiring mind and a passion for making a difference for all customers.  As a Scrutiny Panel member, you will need to listen to a variety of views and information and challenge them in a constructive way.  You will be supported by staff who will ensure you have the relevant information and technology to carry out a review.  We provide training and reimburse any travel or childcare costs.

Can I get involved from home?

Yes you can! Before we make significant changes or review our policies we ask our online customer group, E-Voice, for their opinions and feedback. We use email for this style of consultation and it’s the perfect way to be involved and have your say from home.

To register your interest in E-Voice please click here, to download the form. Please send back to

e voice You can also play a part in the role of our Scrutiny Panel or our Review It group from the comfort of your sofa too.

I want to learn more about how you do things

If you would like to learn more about what we do then why not sign up to attend our next Customer Event. At these events customers hear from members of the senior management team and have the opportunity to influence decisions and share their opinions directly with them.


eVoice is a brief survey sent out every month that gives you the chance to have your say on a specific service by answering a short, simple questionnaires e-mailed to you once a month.

eVoice is easy to use and completely confidential.  Regular users will receive a quarterly newsletter, and opportunities to win £25 of Love2Shop High Street vouchers in our prize draw.

For more information email us.

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I want to make a difference where I live

  • greenGreen Inspectors -  Being a Green Inspector is a great way of helping us to monitor the performance of our Grounds Maintenance contractor. You will be our eyes, checking to make sure our neighbourhoods are maintained to an excellent standard. For more information email us or call 01606 813406.
  • Estate Walkabouts -
  • Neighbourhood consultations -
  • Volunteer in one of Community Buildings

I want to help change things for the better

Focus Groups - join other Trust customers to discuss an issue or service and provide feedback to help the Trust consider improvements.

Contact us

If you have any questions, then please contact the Customer Engagement Team on 01606 813475 or email

How our customers make a difference

Read our Customer Engagement Impact Report 2019  and you can watch our Scrutiny Panel Annual Report