Your Own Gas Appliances

If you have have installed your own gas cookers you will need to have them serviced privately by a Gas Safe registered engineer and forward a copy of the CP12 to us for recording purposes.

If you have  installed your own gas fire you must ensure they have the manufacturers instructions available for the service engineer in order us to service these free of charge, if not your fire will be turned off with a warning notice attached. It is then your responsibility to have your own fire serviced privately by a Gas Safe registered engineer and forward a copy of the CP12 to us for recording purposes.

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Gas safety in your home - cookers

Each year we carry out gas safety check on flues and gas appliances in your home, in accordance with guidelines detailed in the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure IGEM/G/11 with amendments – 11th April 2018 Communication 1822.

This work is carried out by the Trust’s contractor, Holdcroft Heating, and no charge is made for this service. A gas engineer will visually inspect your gas cooker and check the safety functions to ensure they are working correctly.

If your gas cooker is a type with a lid fitted it is important that the gas safety cut off device is working correctly. If the lid has been removed or the gas safety device is not working correctly your gas cooker will be assessed as Immediately Dangerous and will be disconnected from the gas supply. A safety warning notice will be issued and the gas cooker will have a label attached which states Danger – safety warning – do not use.

Before the gas engineer leaves your home you will be advised to either obtain a replacement cooker lid/ safety cut off fitted by the manufacturer of the cooker only or replace the cooker with new.

You will have to pay a Gas Safe Registered engineer to reconnect your cooker when you have purchased a new cooker or replacement lid. 

If you refuse to allow the gas cooker to be disconnected from the gas supply, National Grid will be called to attend and cap off the gas supply to the property. If the gas meter is internal and National Grid is not granted access to your home the gas supply will be cut off underground outside. National Grid will also charge you for the cost of disconnection and reconnection of the gas supply.

If you have you own gas fire installed, providing you have the manufacturers available at the time of the visit, our servicing contractor will check and service this free of charge to you.

This action is for your safety and members of your household.  For more details please email


Gas Servicing


To ensure your gas installation and appliances are working safely we have appointed Holdcroft Heating and Plumbing Ltd to service them every year.

Before the contractor visits your home you will be notified by letter of an appointment, if you wish to make an alternative appointment you can ring our servicing contractor on 0300 303 9848 or 01782 811102.

Please note that the contractor will make every effort to arrange a convenient date for the works, if however after three visits, access has not been made available we may need to start legal proceedings to gain access, this may lead to you having to pay any court costs incurred by us.

By law, we must check all fitted gas appliances that we own and are responsible for, such as central heating boilers and gas heaters. Within 28 days of completion of the work, you will receive a copy of the Landlord Gas Safety Record certificate (LGSR). It is part of your tenancy agreement that you allow us access to check your gas appliances. If you do not let us into your home to do this, you are breaking your tenancy agreement and we can take legal action against you.

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For more information and handy factsheets on gas safety please click here to visit the Gas Safe Register website.

Do I need to be at home when the test takes place?

Yes. Please ensure that you are home to enable us to discuss the works due to be carried out in your home. It is also important that you have credit on your gas and electric pre-paid meters in order for the works to be completed.

Do I need to be at home throughout the work taking place?

Providing someone is at home to allow access to the contractors and lock up when they leave, they can continue to work as long as you are comfortable with them doing so. 

How long will the work take to complete?

Tests can take up to 2 hours. However, this depends on whether there are any urgent repairs that may be required. For any non-urgent repairs that cannot be carried out on the day, our staff will agree a convenient time with you to return. 

I am concerned about letting someone into my home?

All of our staff and contractors carry photo ID. If you have any doubts or concerns, please call us on 0300 303 9848 and we will confirm an operatives identification.

I am not able to grant access to compete the test on the appointment date?

These works are essential and we cannot stress how important it is for them to be carried out as soon as it is convenient. If you are unable to grant us access for whatever reason, please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment