Electrical Inspections

As your landlord, we have a duty of care to you as a customer by ensuring that your home is safe and meets the standards we set for all of our properties.  Electrical safety is a serious issue and we want to raise awareness amongst you.

We are therefore asking our customers to ensure that they allow us access when we carry out our safety checks. We also encourage our residents to get in touch with us if they have any issues with their appliances.

Why the need for testing.

Testing is necessary because all electrical installations deteriorate due to a number of factors such as damage, wear & tear and, ageing.

Other reasons why we need to carry out inspections include:

•             To ensure the safety of customers against electrical shock and burns

•             Protection against damage to the property arising from a fault in the installation

•             To identify any non-compliance with the current electrical regulations


Electrical FAQs

Do I need to be at home when the test takes place?

Yes. Please ensure that you are home to enable us to discuss the works due to be carried out in your home.

Do I need to be at home throughout the work taking place?

Providing someone is at home to allow access to the contractors and lock up when they leave, they can continue to work as along as you are comfortable with them doing so.

How long will the work take to complete?

Tests can take up to three hours. However, this depends on whether there are any urgent repairs that may be required. For any non-urgent repairs that cannot be carried out on the day, our staff will agree a convenient time with you to return.

I am concerned about letting someone into my home?

All of our staff and contractors carry photo ID. If you have any doubts or concerns, please call us on 03003039848

I am not able to grant access to compete the test on the appointment date?

These works are essential and we cannot stress how important it is for them to be carried out as soon as it is convenient. If you are unable to grant us access for whatever reason, please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment

What is the worst case scenario?

•             Electricity is a major cause of fire in property and causes 20,000 fires per year.

•             Electricity kills at least one person each week.

•             Almost 1,000 people are injured by electricity each week.

•             Around 1,000 electrical accidents at work are reported to the HSE each year.