Maintaining Your Garden

Why do we have a standard?

As part of your tenancy agreement, you are responsible for maintaining your own garden by cutting the grass and keeping it tidy and maintained

We consider a garden to be untidy when:

  • The grass is long and overgrown
  • There are lots of weeds or overgrown shrubs (particularly if this covers paths or boundaries)
  • There is litter
  • Household items are left in the garden or accumulate in an alley
  • There is a build up of animal faeces in the garden
  • Fences or gates have been damaged
  • Structures, such as sheds, are in disrepair
  • There are broken children’s toys and play equipment

Parking/storage of vehicles in gardens

If you have a car, it must be parked on your drive, or a paved/concrete area.

Where you are permitted to park large vehicles, such as campervans, caravans, or commercial vehicle, they must only be kept within a designated parking space. You must also ask for our permission in writing first.

You must make sure that any vehicles are parked responsibly and don't cause nuisance or obstruction to others.


Should be kept to a reasonable length and should not become overgrown. Customers must not attempt to deal with invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed without seeking advice from us first. Grassed areas must not be destroyed or worn away by improper treatment, such as by unauthorised vehicle parking.


Hedges should not be allowed to grow beyond what is stated in your tenancy agreement. Each neighbour should be responsible for maintenance of their side.

If your hedge leans on a footpath, you are responsible for maintaining both sides. This includes removing cuttings and ensuring the footpath is clear.


You must seek advice and permission from us before planting or removing trees, shrubs or hedges. If you think a tree has become dangerous, please contact us.

You are expected to conduct low level maintenance on trees to ensure they do not cause a nuisance to or any damage or danger to others. This may be when a tree overhangs a neighbours garden or onto a public footpath.

Household waste & recycling

Bin bags and other rubbish should not be allowed to accumulate. Bins should be correctly presented to be emptied on your collection day.

Animal faeces

Animal faeces should be cleared daily and disposed of correctly.


If you are planning any alterations to your home or gardens please contact us.