How to Report a Repair

You can report all repairs Monday to Friday by calling our Customer Hub on 0300 303 9848. You can also register for our free My Account - Rent and Repairs app here. It is free to register and means you can book and reschedule repairs any day of the week as well as see home improvement data.

You can read our repairs policy here. This policy details everything you need to know about how we manage repairs.

If you have an emergency repair please call us on 0300 303 9848. We aim to fix emergency repairs within 24 hours. Emergency Repairs can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all bank holidays. You can see what is an emergency repair in the information below.

Damp, Mould & Condensation

What is condensation?

Condensation usually occurs from October through to April, depending on weather conditions, and it can lead, in some instances to damp and mould growth, but not always. Condensation occurs when water vapour (airborne moisture) hits a cold surface; water vapour is naturally created all day and night from the general activities of those who live in the home, it is a natural process through our everyday activities.

Condensation in homes

A kitchen or bathroom where more water vapour is produced (from cooking, the shower, bath etc), may be warm enough to remain free from the effects of condensation, except perhaps on cold windows and other cold surfaces such as tiles. If this water vapour moves throughout the home into the colder, less heated spaces, condensation will occur in these areas. We usually see condensation on windows in the mornings.

How do I control condensation in my home?

Try to make sure you have adequate heating on in your home (low level heating will assist in keeping wall temperatures warmer). Ventilate – try to open some windows, even a small gap will make sure you have ‘air changes’ in your home (air changes will keep the water vapour lower, reducing the likelihood of condensation happening). If you get condensation, manage it by wiping it dry every morning, so your windows are dry. This will reduce the likelihood of mould appearing.

Which areas should I keep an eye on in my home?

Corners of rooms, especially behind items of furniture placed against external facing walls (air movement is reduced here so mould growth could potentially grow here before anywhere else). Around window frames (make sure you wipe any condensation as soon as it appears).

Tips to reduce water vapour in your home

It can be difficult to dry washing during the winter months. If washing is dried indoors, try using the bathroom with either the extractor fan on or the window slightly open if no fan is installed; the door should be closed. This will help to keep the water vapour levels down in the rest of your home, reducing heat loss. If trickle vents are installed in the windows of your home; these should be kept in the open position to encourage air changes, helping to reduce internal water vapour levels. They can be found at the top of windows, just click them open.

Otherwise please try to open your windows slightly. When cooking on the hob, always use lids on any pans; this will not only help in reducing water vapour levels but could reduce your energy use.

What if I find mould or damp in my home?

If you find mould or damp in your home, contact us immediately.

How to contact us


Message us on our website or Direct Message us through Facebook

Call us on 0300 303 9848, option 2. Monday to Friday

Please include your full contact details and pictures of any mould or damp you have, including which room it is in

Emergency Repairs Information

An Emergency Repair is any repair that is required to sustain the immediate health, safety or security of the customer at risk or affects the structure of the property.

Here you will find a guide to what is an emergency repair. 

A suspected gas escape or carbon monoxide leak:

  • IMPORTANT! Please leave the house and call the National Gas Emergency number immediately on 0800 111 999,
  • Please then call us on 0300 303 9848

​​​​​​​Loss of entire supply of electricity, and/or water and/or gas in your home:

  • If there is a total loss of power, water or gas, please check with your neighbours to see if other properties are affected before contacting us. If more than one property is affected, please check your gas or electricity suppliers website. If just your property is affected call us on 0300 303 9848.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Loss of the entire heating provision in your home:

  • If you have alternative heating such as an electric, gas or solid fuel fire then this will not be classed as an emergency unless there are vulnerability issues to consider, our Customer Hub colleagues will discuss this during your call.

Loss of hot water facilities in your home:

  • Where your health condition requires regular bathing and where there is no electric shower please call us on 0300 303 9848.
  • Serious plumbing leaks where the property structure is in danger of damage (if the leak is containable this may not be an emergency) 

Structural failures in your home: 

  • If you feel your home is unsafe, please leave and call us. If you feel there is imminent danger to life, call 999.

Your home is not secure/broken glazing to windows. 

  • If only the external windowpane is cracked this would not be considered an emergency. The emergency repair will be to board up the window only to 1st floor.

Toilet is blocked and it’s the only one in the house:

  • If you have one toilet and that is blocked, please call us on 0300 303 9848.
  • If you have more than one working toilet this is not an emergency repair. If the blockage is affecting more than one property, please contact United Utilities by visiting here

Main drain is blocked:

  • If the blockage is affecting more than one property, please contact United Utilities by visiting here

Communal door entry system is broken (where access is being restricted/left insecure)

Service lifts (including stair lifts) are not working 

Locked out of your home:

  • Please be aware that this will be a rechargeable cost to you (approx. £120.00). 
  • Are you able to gain access through another door or has a neighbour or family member got a key to your property? If your tenancy is in joint names, permission to carry out the repair will be required from both of you. If you require a lock to be changed for any other reason, please contact us.

Mains smoke alarm and/or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is faulty.

You can report Emergency repairs 24/7 by calling 0300 303 9848. Our emergency repairs call centre is experiencing high call demand, you may have to wait on hold. If you are unable to wait on hold you can select a call-back or email

You can report non-emergency repairs and manage your rent account 24/7 by registering for our FREE My Account App, click here to register.

Repair Appointment Information

We understand that all repairs are important to you. You will receive a text when you book your repair appointment, as well as texts reminding you of your repair and when our operative is on the way. For Multi-Day, Multi-Trade appointments, you will receive a text message and reminders for each trade and each appointment. We follow a repairs diagnostic system to make sure our customer hub asks the right questions so we can get your repair right first time more often.

We group repairs into different priorities to make sure we deal with the most urgent ones quicker. Our trained ambassadors will ask a series of questions to determine what priority your repair is. Emergency repairs are for serious emergencies only and if any repair requests are found not to be a genuine emergency, then you may be charged for the works. Likewise, any repairs that are deemed to have been requested because of damage caused by you, you may also be charged for them.

Our repair groups are as follows:

  • Emergency Repairs - We aim to complete these within 24 hours.
  • Urgent Repairs – This is for repairs that are urgent, but not an emergency. We will respond to these repairs in 7 days.
  • Routine Repairs - We aim to complete these non-emergency repairs within 32 days.
  • Repair Inspections - This is when a surveyor carrys out an inspection of the requested repair works within 10 days. 
  • Major works - These are large scale works; we have recently reduced the wait time for these repairs from 12 months to 6 months. If you are due a major repair, such as a new bathroom or boiler, within the next 5 years, this information will be available for you in the My Account app.

Repairs Appointments

When you book a repair, we will provide you with an appointment date and time slot convenient to you. 

The time slots that we can offer are:

  • Morning (Monday – Friday) – from 8.30am to 12noon
  • Afternoon (Monday – Friday) – from 12noon to 5.00pm
  • School Run option 1 (Monday – Friday) – from 10.00am to 2.00pm
  • School Run option 2 (Monday – Friday) – from 9.30am to 3.00pm
  • All Day (Monday – Friday)– offered if customer happy to be available for all day period.

External Works - If there are works which can be completed without access into the home (for example, fencing or roofing repairs), where a customer does not need to provide our trade operatives/contractors with access, we will ask you if it is OK to attend. We will not make a specific appointment with you, but we will commit to completing the works within target time. On every occasion the Trust will ensure you are notified of our attendance to undertake the work and confirm if it has been fully completed or where follow-on works are required.

If you are a vulnerable person and require extra help or special arrangements from our trades team, please inform our team on the phone (0300 303 9848). We are happy to make arrangements to ensure you are comfortable.

Repairs and Upgrades

We receive lots of questions around repairs, as well as upgrades and alterations. These are some of key questions we regularly receive regarding our repairs service.

How do I report a repair?

You can report a repair by calling 0300 303 9848 or download our new app. You can also message our socials or speak to a member of staff.

If you have an emergency repair please call us on 0300 303 9848. An Emergency is any repair that is required in order to sustain the immediate health, safety or security of the customer at risk or affects the structure of the property

How long am I expected to wait for a non-urgent repair?

Our aim is to complete non-urgent routine repairs within 32 days of it being reported to us. We'll make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We will also send you a text message or letter confirming your appointment.

Which repairs are Weaver Vale Housing Trust responsible for in my home?

  • Baths and Basins- damged or loose
  • Communal areas
  • Decoration to building (external)
  • Disabled adaptations maintenance (such as adapted showers/handrails/stairlifts)
  • Doors, door locks & door frames(external & Internal)
  • Double glazing (failed/misty inits)
  • Drainage/Blocked Gully/Grid
  • Driveways
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Faulty taps
  • Fences, walls and Gates
  • Floor boards
  • Gas fires
  • Gutters, roof, chimneys
  • Heating and hot water
  • Kitchens
  • Light fittings
  • Path from front gate to entrance and one flag around the perimeter, steps and ramps installed by WVHT
  • Plastering
  • Smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Waste pipes
  • Window frames and fittings

Which repairs am I responsible for in my home?

  • Chains and plugs
  • Decoration (internal)
  • Domestic appliances e.g. cookers, fridges, washing machines (including fitting)
  • Environmental treatmean of wasps and ants nests, vermin, pigeon, squirrel, flea or beetle infestation
  • Fixtures and Fittings (such as coat hooks, light shades, curtains rails, toilet roll holders)
  • Floor coverings, grippers & door bars
  • Garden maintenance
  • Glazing (broken glass)
  • Loss of keys
  • Oven hoods
  • Sheds and Garages
  • Shower curtain, rail, toilet roll holder, towel rail, sink plugs and chains, toilet seats
  • TV aerial
  • Washing line/Rotary Airers

When will my fixtures and fittings be upgraded?

We plan our programme of works based on the information we have regarding your property. We will also look at wear and tear and check this against the life expectancy and condition to determine which fixtures and fittings are due for replacement or upgrade. If a fixture or fitting is still in working order, we will continue to repair it until it is no longer fit for purpose. If you believe the item is beyond repair, please get in touch.

Can I make alterations to my property?

You can apply for permission by emailing or by submitting it in writing.

Chargeable Repairs

You may be charged for a repair if the damage was caused by you or someone who was in your property. You may be charged in advance for the following repairs:

  • Replacement keys (unless you have a crime number)
  • Assisting you if you are locked out
  • General repairs not attributed to wear & tear
  • Re-glazing (unless you have a police crime reference number)
  • Damage to the property not attributed to wear & tear
  • Removal of structures without our permission
  • Any work undertaken without prior permission from the Trust