Planned Improvement Works

Our priority is ensuring that your home is kept safe and to standards by undertaking repairs and necessary improvements.  

How do we plan our improvement works?

We plan our improvements based on the information from the stock condition surveys we carry out on your homes. These ongoing surveys check the condition of your homes - this information enables us to make sure we are investing our money in doing the right things at the right time.

We also have an obligation to meet the statutory Decent Home Standard, to ensure our properties are satisfactory when it comes to repairs, facilities and services.

If we think improvements may be needed to your home, we'll get in touch to arrange an initial survey visit.

You can see what improvements will be made to your home within the next five years by registering with My Account here

What is a stock condition survey?

Stock condition surveys look at the inside and outside of a property to determine the lifespan of various fixtures and fittings - such as bathrooms, kitchens, roofs, windows and doors.

The surveyor will then determine how long each component is likely to last, by looking at the condition and general wear and tear and checking this against the expected lifespan to determine what is due to be replaced.


We update the kitchens in all of our properties approximately every 20 years dependent on condition. To make sure that you have a say in what your new kitchen looks like, we give you a choice of worktops, flooring, wall tiles and kitchen unit doors.


All of the bathroom suites at our properties are replaced approximately every 30 years dependent on condition. When we replace a bathroom we will give you the choice of floor coverings and wall tiles.


Approximately every 15 years we would look to replace any central heating boilers to make sure our homes are warm and energy efficient.

Windows & Doors

Making sure your home is safe and secure is important to us. That’s why we replace windows and doors on our properties approximately every 25 to 30 years.

How can I find out when my improvement works are due to take place?

If your home has been identified within the programme and we need to visit to carry out a survey of your home, we will write to you in advance explaining the reason for the visit and offering an appointment.

When we carry out improvement works to your home, we will inform you in writing, about the type of work to be carried out, what it will involve, how long it will take and when it will be done.

If you believe a fixture or fitting is beyond repair, please get in touch with us on 0300 303 9848 or here to report it and we’ll arrange for a surveyor to visit your home.

Further information

If the planned works to your home are going to take longer than originally stated, we will provide you with a new completion date and keep you updated. We will check the quality of the completed works with you. If our work is not to the correct standard, we will make an appointment with you to correct it.