Fire Safety & Fire Doors

Building Fire Safety Information

building safety

The Trust complete annual Fire Risk Assessments in all Buildings which fall within the legislation. We complete this on an annual basis to ensure that all buildings with communal areas are safe and have suitable plans of action in place to make them safer still where possible.

In addition to this, The Trust complete various servicing and maintenance of essential fire safety equipment where it exists. If your building has any of the following then we:

  • Fire Alarm – Tested weekly and serviced every 3 months.
  • Emergency Lighting – Tested monthly and serviced annually.
  • Sprinkler System – Serviced every 3 months.
  • Dry Riser – Visually inspected every month and serviced annually.
  • Fire Extinguishing Equipment – Visually inspected monthly and serviced annually.
  • Automatic Smoke Vents – Tested monthly and serviced every 6 months.
  • Fire Doors – Inspected every 3 months where the Fire Door is communal. Inspected annually where the Fire Door is to a flat entrance.

Fire Safety Procedures

If you live in a multi-occupied residential building which has two or more sets of domestic premises and common parts, you will have received a letter and leaflet detailing your fire safety procedures which are relevant to the building in which you reside. 

Depending upon the building you live in, there are two fire evacuation strategies, Stay Put Strategy and Simultaneous Evacuation Strategy. Your building will operate only one of these. Please check your information leaflet or fire action notice within the building for confirmation of the strategy which your building operates. Alternatively please contact our Compliance Team to confirm. 

The Stay Put Strategy means that if there is a fire within the building and not your home then it is normally safest for you to remain within your flat. You can view a PDF version of your fire safety leaflet here.

The Simultaneous Evacuation Strategy meaning that if the fire alarm is sounded in either the building or your home then you should leave immediately. You can view a PDF version of your fire safety leaflet here.

Fire Doors information

WVHT are committed to ensuring the safety of you and all those who occupy and visit our buildings. We have therefore installed, and maintain fire doors within our buildings both to your flat entrance as well as communal cupboards and corridor doors within our buildings where it is required.

As a further commitment to your safety we are committed to completing a Full Fire Door Inspection to your flat entrance door on an annual basis and to any communal doors on a quarterly basis despite our buildings being below the 11 metre threshold.

Do's and Don't of Fire Safety

For further information please refer to the Fire Action Notice displayed within the building. If you haven't recieved a letter, or are unsure which strategy applies to your building, please get in touch with our team contact the Trust on 0300 303 9848 and speak to our Compliance Team who would be happy to assist you further with any queries you may have.

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