Our Promises To Customers

We aim to be the best landlord and employer and make a positive difference each and every day. 

We talk about customer experience not service, we want our customer experience to be part of a journey, with every interaction giving us the opportunity to make a good first impression and great experience. 

Working with involved customers we have developed a set of Customer Charter Promises, by holding ourselves to account with these promises, we will ensure our customers always get a great experience from the Trust. Customers will know what to expect and this is where our promises come in. 

In Spring and Summer 2022 we start our new 'Out & About' walkabouts. We'll be visiting our communities to launch our promises and to see how customers think we're doing against the promises. This honest feedback will help us to improve our services. We will be publishing a full list of 'Out & About' walkabouts in the June 2022 edition of Your Home magazine. Out & About is not a one off event, we will be visiting all of our communities over the coming months and years. 

In the meantime, if you would like to chat to us about our promises, email get.involved@wvht.co.uk and we'd be happy to chat to you. 

You can read our promises below. 

Our Promises 

When customers access any of our services, they can expect;our promises

Treat you, your household and your home with respect.
Deliver high quality services to agreed standards and timescales.
Keep you updated in a timely fashion. You should never need to chase us up. 
Keep our promises and treat you fairly. 
Provide clarity on the sevices we offer and notify you of your responsibilities.