Support & Wellbeing Team (SAW)

The Support & Wellbeing Team is dedicated to enabling and empowering individuals living in our properties to remain in their home and become self reliant.

SAW logo We offer assistance to customers trying to overcome  difficulties they are having in their lives and provide a free,friendly, confidential service in your home (or other preferred location). We also offer information, advice, support and guidance to people who require help in managing their tenancy with us and other related issues.

What happens if I ask for help?

When you ask for help, a referral form will be completed. You will be asked to provide your name, address and details of what you would like help with. After we receive the form, we will make a decision about whether we can help you or whether we need to refer you to another service.

You will be contacted within seven days of receipt of the referral and we aim to see you within a month if we have accepted it. If your referral is deemed to be an emergency, we will come to see you within seven days.

When we visit you, we will complete some paperwork with you to help identify your support needs. We will then discuss the best ways to address your support needs and develop a support plan together. This
is a document agreed between you and your support worker. It is individual to your circumstances and will be regularly reviewed with your support worker to meet your needs.

The amount of support you receive and the length of time you receive it will depend entirely on your situation and what help you need. The aim of your support is to enable you to become self reliant in your home - it
is continually assessed and is dependent on your commitment.

The service is entirely confidential and we will not pass on your information unless you give us specific permission to do so.

To make a refferal download a  referral form and email or post it to us. For more information contact us.