Shared Ownership

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New build homes

Shared ownership is an affordable home ownership programme. It involves buying a share in a property, usually 50%, and paying rent on the remaining share you do not own. Gradually you may buy further shares in the property known as “staircasing” and eventually purchase the final share so you own your home outright.

New build developments 

  • Croft View, Barnton Cheshire 
  • Barrington Park, Alsager, Cheshire  
  • Brereton Grange, Arclid, nr Sandbach, Cheshire 

We are developing more new shared ownership homes across Cheshire. Please register your interest or call us on 01606 813 319 for an informal chat about shared ownership and our homes. 


The cost of Shared Ownership

You will need to finance the costs of buying a share in the property. This is normally done by arranging a mortgage. The other costs of buying will be similar to those of any normal house purchase:

  • Legal fees
  • Survey
  • Stamp duty (if applicable)
  • Valuation fee
  • Land Registry fee
  • Deposit

Once you have bought a share in a shared ownership home, you will need to consider the regular costs associated with home ownership:

  • Monthly mortgage payments
  • Rent
  • Council tax
  • Water, gas, electricity
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Insurance

Also remember that further costs will be incurred when you purchase additional shares in the property.

How much rent will I pay?

The rent that you pay depends on the share that you buy. As you buy more shares, your rent payment decreases and once you have ‘staircased to 100%, you own all of the property and no longer pay rent.

It is a ‘reduced’ rent that does not include a fee for maintenance services as shared owners are responsible for paying for repairs to their home in the same way that all homeowners are.

The monthly rent is calculated using this calculation: value of unsold equity x 2.75% / 12

The table below illustrates the rent that would be payable on a property with a full market value of £135,000:

Shared Ownership Costs

50% - 50%


50% - 50%


75% - 25%



buyer has 50% share


'retained' share 50%


buyer has 75% share 


'retained' share 25%

Value bought £67,500


'retained' value £67,500


Value bought £101,250


'retained' value £33,750

mortgage needed for £67,500*


monthly rental due £154.69


mortgage needed for £101,250*


monthly rental due £77.34

*monthly charges depend on mortgage


*monthly charges depend on mortgage