Repairs and Upgrades Explained

We receive lots of questions around repairs, as well as upgrades and alterations. Although we have a dedicated policy (which you can view here), these are some of key questions we regularly receive when it comes to our repairs service.

How do I report a repair?

You can report a repair by calling 0300 303 9848 or download our new App.

If you have an emergency repair please call us on 0300 303 9848. We class an emergency as an incident which poses a serious risk to your health and safety.

How long am I expected to wait for a non-urgent repair?

Our aim is to complete non-urgent repairs within 28 days of it being reported to us. We'll make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We will also send you a text message or letter confirming your appointment.

Which repairs is Weaver Vale Housing Trust responsible for in my home?

  • Roof, Chimney, Gutters, down pipes
  • Outside walls and floors
  • External doors and frames
  • Windows, frames, sills, catches
  • Meter cupboard doors
  • Drains and waste pipes
  • Sockets, switches and light fittings
  • Central heating, water heaters and fitted fires
  • Garden fences which face a public boundary
  • Communal entrances, halls, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and other communal parts including their electrical lighting and a shared TV aerial
  • We will also undertake external repairs and painting of your home and any communal areas on a set cycle
  • Gas servicing

Which repairs am I responsible for in my home?

  • All internal decorations unless your agreement says otherwise
  • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes/starters, fuses and batteries
  • Replacing floor coverings
  • Replacing plugs and chains to baths, basins and sinks
  • Filling minor internal cracks in walls
  • Repairing or replacing washing lines or posts (with the exception of those in communal areas)
  • Toilet seat renewal and fitting
  • Plumbing and/or fitting of appliances
  • Cutting extra keys and replacing keys and locks if keys are lost or repairs caused by forcing or gaining access
  • Replacing bathroom fittings such as toilet roll holders
  • Environmental treatment of wasps and ants nests, vermin, pigeon, squirrel, flea or beetle infestation inside the home unless due to property defect, and in all instances outside the home
  • Garden fences between neighbouring properties and timber sheds
  • Unblocking sinks where the blockage has been caused by the wrong items being put down - this could be things such as fat and food waste.

When will my fixtures and fittings be upgraded?

We plan our programme of works based on the information we have regarding your property. We will also look at wear and tear and check this against the life expectancy and condition to determine which fixtures and fittings are due for replacement or upgrade. If a fixture or fitting is still in working order, we will continue to repair it until it is no longer fit for purpose. If you believe the item is beyond repair, please get in touch.

Can I make alterations to my property?

We usually allow this to happen but you must get in touch with us first. You can apply for permission using this online form or by submitting it in writing.