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We have several teams within directorate, as you can see from the chart above. Here is a flavour of what some of our teams do and some of the people in those teams.

Cotswold House Team (Neighbourhoods & Wellbeing Directorate)

The Cotswold House team consists of 6 permanent members of staff.  Cotswold House is supported accommodation for young, homeless women, based on the Over estate in Winsford. We have 9 bedrooms (3 of these suitable for a Mother and Baby) and we are currently fully occupied, along with a waiting list.

On average we have 21 referrals over 3 months. With 4 positive moves, either own tenancy or reunited with family.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of donations we received this Christmas. Gifts, food hampers, cash donations, clothes and even 2 real Christmas trees! Local people and businesses have been so generous and kind and this really goes to show how our profile is massively increasing in the community.
 2017 is set to be an even bigger and better year for Cotswold House. The residents have chosen the next project for the house,        which will be updating all bedrooms. We want to create a more homely and welcoming environment for each bedroom-a space to  retreat too and call their own. We have set a goal of £5,000 to raise funds for this project and they have already had a successful  trip around Ikea for ideas!  We have many, exciting new projects and fundraising events lined up for the year ahead, so keep your  eyes peeled!


So John tell us about your job?

I am a Team Leader with in the Responsive Repairs section. I am responsible for the external contractor’s employed by the Trust in Responsive Repairs examples are RH UK, the drainage contractor, Britannia Carpets floor covering specialist. I am also line manager to the repairs Surveyors Ken Hilditch and Phil Jones. john

Describe a typical day.
As soon as I arrive in the office I will check my emails, which is always a major task. Because of the digital age we now live in, all work orders and majority of queries are directed electronically. I will go out on site to visit the contractors working, and to inspect jobs completed by them to ensure quality and value for money.

What is a good day like?
A good day is when my diary is not full of planned meetings. These eat into routine operations and make the fast paced nature of my job more stressful. We had a fire recently, and everything had to be dropped to deal with the situation. This is an exciting time and also very rewarding to see our customer looked after and assured that we as Landlord are caring and take every measure to assist. If does interfere with routine operations, but the satisfaction that you have performed under pressure is a good one.

What is a bad day like?
When we get struck with freak weather, the phones tend to go mental. Everything has to be dropped to deal with situations like this which again makes routine operations difficult to manage.

What do you enjoy most about working at WVHT?
The atmosphere and team support is brilliant in the office. The trust also suits me immensely because of the demographic location of the business and the work/life balance.

Support & Wellbeing Team

Support & Wellbeing Team- Neighbourhoods & Wellbeing Directorate

The Support & Wellbeing Team is dedicated to enabling and empowering individuals living in sawour properties to remain in their home and become self reliant.  We offer assistance to customers trying to overcome difficulties they are having in their lives and provide a free, friendly, confidential service in your home (or other preferred location). We also offer information, advice,
support and guidance to people who require help in managing their tenancy with us and other related issues.

Income Team

Income Team (Finance & Business Directorate)

Within the Income Team, the Early Recovery Team consists of 6 people. We focus on preventative work contacting customers with low arrears to try and stop them escalating, by making Money Matters Referrals or payment arrangements and contact our new customers to ensure they are making the correct payments, as well as contacting Cheshire West to ensure their claims for Housing Benefit are complete and processed. We also chase customers with arrears for garage and garage plots, customers with insurance arrears, former tenant arrears, rechargeable repairs arrears and Careline arrears. The Team also supports the Income Management Officers who deal with the more serious arrears, for example where the customer has received a Notice Seeking Possession or an Eviction Warrant.