Maintenance & Cyclical Work

Our Property Services team carries out routine maintenance work on your home every seven years to ensure you Roofing Works can continue to live in comfort and safety .

Typically work that takes place includes:

  • External timber repairs and painting
  • Minor maintenance of UPVC windows
  • Minor paving repairs
  • Minor brickwork repairs
  • Minor roofing repairs
  • Gutter/rainwater pipes cleaning and repairs
  • Electrical upgrades and rewiring
What happens?  roofing works

Once we have told you that your home is due for work, we will carry out a survey to find out what needs to be done. Your home may need very little work or the full range of repairs. We will keep you informed about progress at all times

Do you need to get into my home?

While most of this work can be done without us needing to get into your home, sometimes this will be necessary. It is vital that you co-operate as rearrangements are costly and lead to other customers losing out.  Furthermore, by delaying work such as electrical rewiring, you could be putting your safety and the safety of others at risk.

Everything looks fine, I don’t need the work roofing3

We pride ourselves on keeping our homes maintained to a high standard. While everything may look OK, we have a duty to ensure it is and that it stays that way. Sometimes customers tell us that they don’t need electrical upgrades because “everything works fine”. However wires and cables wear out and electrics can become unsafe if they are not upgraded.

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