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The best thing I’ve ever done’ – how a work placement lead to Ben securing a job

A man from Northwich is celebrating after securing his first job in over 2 years – thanks to the help of Weaver Vale Housing Trust.

Ben Moss completed a two month work placement with the Trust and he did so well that he has now secured a seasonal job with the Hut Group.

Ben started his new job after applying for the role and attending a successful interview. He will work throughout the Christmas period at the company’s offices in Northwich.

Ben had struggled to find work after a long-standing battle with anxiety and depression.

“I’ve always had struggles with my mental health and things got worse after a death in my family.” Ben said.

“There was a lot going on in my life and everything was grinding me down. It was affecting my job and I knew I wasn’t going to last with everything that was going on.

“Eventually I had to leave and I was put on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). It was meant to be for six months but I ended up claiming it for two years.  I had so many meetings and interviews – my anxiety got so bad that I could feel my legs cramping up and I couldn’t physically move as I was heading to the Job Centre.”

Following a meeting with the Job Centre, Ben was declared fit to work. Instead of going through the stress of an appeal, Ben was determined to make a fresh start and get back into work.

He said: “After a few months of getting nowhere my job centre advisor spoke to me about a few work placements, and this is when I heard about Weaver Vale. It was close to where I live so I knew this was something I wanted to do.”

Ben landed himself an eight-week placement with the Employment Horizons team, who are responsible for helping people get back into work, education and training.

The placement was designed to ease Ben back into the work environment, and help him learn the necessary skills that would get him ready for work.

Ben added:  “Everyone made me feel very welcome. I have been doing a bit on the computer and some office based-tasks including producing documents for the team. I’ve also been putting job searches together and sending it out to partner agencies that are helping people like myself who are looking for work.

“Coming here is the best things I could have done. My confidence has shot up after being out of work for so long. I felt I’ve really grown over the past few weeks and I am definitely ready to get back into work.”

And Ben’s hard work and perseverance has now paid off after he secured a job for the Christmas period.

“I’m glad that I have been able to get something. I didn’t want to go weeks or months without work and get mentally lazy again.

“I am pleased that I took the risk. I got a comfortable claiming ESA, but in hindsight it wasn’t good for me. You lose your social skills to a certain degree but coming here has done me the world of good. It’s the best thing I have ever done.”

Ben is just one of the hundreds of Weaver Vale customers who have received help from our Employment Horizons team.  The team offers support and guidance for customers who are looking to get back in to training or work, and also provide work placement within the Trust and other sectors.

Jayne Pullar, Employment Horizons Team Leader at Weaver Vale Housing Trust said:

“Ben is a good, reliable and proactive worker and he has really grown in confidence since being with us. The change we have seen in just a few short weeks has been remarkable and everyone in the team is thrilled that Ben has been able to find work. We hope that this will lead to something more permanent for Ben – he certainly deserves it.” 


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