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National Apprentice Week

As part of National Apprentice Week, we hear from Jake, our Work & Enterprise Apprentice. 
Jake tell's us his story...
"After I completed my A-levels I decided I didn't want to carry on to university and that I wanted to jump straight in to work. I started off with a standard job but felt that the opportunities for progression were very limited in that area so I began searching for an apprenticeship.
"The reason I decided an apprenticeship was the best route is because it allows you to continue working (gaining job experience) whilst gaining industry recognised qualifications which allows you to start developing a career path.
"The next step was deciding what type of apprenticeship I would like to apply for, my reasoning for this apprenticeship was that I liked the idea of a business admin qualification and Weaver Vale has a reputation of being a very good employer.
"My top tip for people searching for apprenticeships would be to find a qualification that interests you and then find a suitable employer who can offer you some good opportunities. When applying for apprenticeships I would make sure you demonstrate some knowledge of both the qualification you will be completing and of the company you will be working for. I would also suggest that you show you have transferable skills that apply to the industry you work in.
"Overall, I would say that the apprenticeship route is a good way to start a career for the reasons that I mentioned before ( gaining industry experience and industry recognised qualifications)".

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