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Keep yourself and your home cool during the heatwave

In case you’ve not checked the weather, the forecast is, well, roasting.

A little bit of sun makes a nice change and temperatures are predicted to reach as high as 30 degrees this week.

Whilst we want everyone to make the most of the weather, it can be difficult to settle when the heatwave strikes. Here are our tips for keeping your home cool during the heatwave:

Keep your blinds or curtains closed

Keeping curtains or blinds closed can stop the sun beating down into a room for hours while you’re out or at work and turning your living or bedroom into a green house.

Step away from the oven

It may seem rather obvious, but cooking big meals in an oven at 300 degrees for 40 minutes is going to do little to keep your home cool. And if you’re boiling anything try to keep a lid on pans to stop the heat escaping.

Take a cold shower

If you need to get washed before bed, try a cold (or luke warm) shower. A steamy shower or deep hot bath creates humidity which heats up the house – and let’s face it you don’t need to be any more clammy right now.

Fill a hot water bottle (Bear with us!)

Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and stick it in the fridge or freezer for an hour or two before popping it at the foot of your bed. Wrap it in a towel to avoid getting your bedsheets wet.

Open the doors and windows

Temperatures drop considerably as the sun goes down so it’s well worth cranking a window and interior doors open to allow air to circulate inside your home.

Reach for the off switch

When left on (even in standby mode) appliances can generate a considerable amount of heat. Switch off anything you’re not using – that goes for lights too.

Set up your fan

so it’s not just blowing around hot air If you manage to find a fan that isn’t annoyingly loud, place a bowl of ice-cold water in front of it, the combo will provide a nice cool blast.




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