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Independent living gives Sandra a new lease of life

A Northwich woman has spoken about how moving to one of Weaver Vale’s Independent Living Apartments has given her a new lease of life.

Sandra Daniels has been living at Heathbrook in Rudheath for nearly two years now, after leaving her home in Barnton following the death of her husband.

“It was a difficult time following the death of my husband,” Sandra said.

“I had to move out of the home we shared together and I needed to be somewhere quiet where I could feel safe. I had a look at Heathrbook and it seemed really nice.

“It was hard at first. I didn’t really want to leave my flat and I tried shutting myself off from the world. I wouldn’t go out and I wouldn’t say boo to a goose. I knew I would be safe within the four walls of my flat. Even simple things like trips to the supermarket took a huge amount of effort.

Slowly, Sandra started to come out of her shell with the help of Alison Worrall, the Independent Living Assessor with the Trust.

Heathbrook provides affordable housing options for older people who wish to live independently, in a community of similarly aged people.

Sandra added: “Alison began to talk to me – she was really nice. She encouraged to me to get some further support from Weaver Vale and put me in touch with Denise Hancox (Support Worker at Weaver Vale). Denise helped me a lot with my confidence and she is always on the end of the phone if I need her. She also put me in touch with other services which have really helped. I feel like I am in a good place at the moment.

Sandra is also taking advantage of the county’s Buddy Scheme, which means she will have a companion to join her on trips to the cinema and local parks.

Sandra said: “I have made some friends. My neighbour Sharon is really nice and always invites me in for a brew. When I first moved in, she posted a note through my door asking me to pop round, but I was too scared. It took a while, but eventually I plucked up the courage and it was the best thing I could have done –Sharon  is a really good friend. I have also been around to my other neighbour for tea as well.

“Before there was a big imaginary wall in front of me, now I can step over it and move on with my life. “

Alison Worrall, Independent Living Assessor at Weaver Vale Housing Trust said:

“Moving to somewhere unfamiliar can be challenging, but it was particularly tough for Sandra. Her flat was her safe-zone and meeting new people was filled her with dread. I told her the world is not s scary place, and that there were lots of potential friends out there that she hadn’t met yet.

“I got to know Sandra and put her in touch with people who I knew could help – she now feels a lot more comfortable around people.

“In the past, Sandra would only go to the supermarket when she knew her friend was working there, but she now has the confidence to go out independently. I can’t stress enough how Sandra has blossomed since coming here.”

Sandra added: “Alison has been brilliant, I can always talk to her and she has the answers to everything! “

To find out more about our Intendent Living options at the Trust, please call 01606 813 403, email or click here


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