Fires and youth nuisance in Crook Lane area of Wharton

asb warning sign

Weaver Vale Housing Trust has received reports of fire-setting and anti-social behaviour in the Crook Lane area of Wharton. Residents have been extremely upset by the behaviour of a minority of mindless individuals. We want to assure residents that we are working closely with our partners including the police, the Cheshire West and Chester Council Community Wardens, and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

If Weaver Vale Housing Trust tenants or their households are found to have been perpetrators of anti-social behaviour then the Trust will use the tools and powers available to us as landlords, for example, seeking injunctions or possession proceedings.

Please report any instances of fire-setting or anti-social behaviour to the police and fire brigade. If you think that Weaver Vale Housing Trust tenants or their children have been involved, please contact the Tenancy Enforcement Team on 01606 813533.


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