"As soon as you walk through that door, you are one of us" | Latest news

"As soon as you walk through that door, you are one of us"

If you pop in to the GGO Community Bungalow on any day of the week you will be guaranteed a warm welcome, a cuppa and be greeted by a sea of friendly faces.

Since it was formed in 2010, GGO has been the beating heart of the Greenfields, Glebe and Over Estates. The dedicated volunteers are committed to bring people together through activities ranging from youth clubs to trips to the seaside.

We recently sat down to have a chat (and a warm brew) with Clare – one of the new volunteers who are helping to bring about positive change in our neighbourhoods.

“Two of my friends were volunteers at GGO and they told me what was happening here. I have a lot of spare time when I’m not in work – I get bored and I need to keep busy! GGO sounded like something I would enjoy so I decided to pop down and see for myself

“Everyone is lovely and really welcoming – it’s a lovely place for both kids and grown ups. I’ve not been here long but I’ve helped out at the youth club – there was so much for the kids to do and they all enjoyed it.

“The next job is tackling the GGO garden. I’m big into my gardening so we are looking at putting a few plants in as well as some flowers around the edge – it will look really nice. At the moment, people just walk past the garden and don’t acknowledge it – I want people to really see it and go ‘wow’.

“We just accept anybody. There isn’t anything these people wouldn’t do for anybody who walks through the doors – they will help anyone in need. We don’t judge anyone – as soon as you walk through that door you are one of us.

“That’s what I like about this place – you are free to be who you are. The people make GGO what it is and we always have a laugh. There’s always a brew on the go, there’s always chatter and you never feel lonely – people become friends in an instant.”

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