Improving Your Home

If you want to improve your home or garden by making alterations or providing extra facilities you must have our written permission first.

We normally allow you to do this but we may make conditions which you must follow. These conditions will only be in the interests of safety or the need to get planning or building regulations permission from the council and it is also to make sure the work is of a good standard. You can apply for permission using the form below:

Permission Request Form

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When you have applied for permission to make an alteration or improvement, we will let you know within a reasonable time whether we agree to your application. We will reply to all requests within 28 days. If we refuse to let you carry out the works we will tell you in writing why we have refused. If you think it is unreasonable for us to do, you can use our complaints procedure.

All permission requests must be made in writing giving full details of the proposed works and you must keep to any reasonable conditions given. As we treat it as a condition of your tenancy agreement to do so, If you do not keep to any conditions you will have broken your tenancy agreement. We are willing to maintain your improvements as long as they are:

  • Properly fitted
  • A type which we normally maintain
  • You agree to leave or replace the item at the end of the tenancy