Frequently asked questions


 I am interested in a house/getting a home?

Are you registered with West Cheshire Homes? You need to do this first and if eligible you will be given a band and you can bid on homes. Cheshire West and Chester run this system. Please click here

I am due to made homeless soon, can you help?

Cheshire West and Chester have help and advice about homelessness, there is on online referral form you need to fill in if you are 56 days or less from becoming homeless - here is the link 

I have paperwork to support my application

Thank you for your enquiry. If you have been asked to provide evidence in support of your housing application please contact West Cheshire Homes on for advice on how to upload the information to your application. If you have bid for a property owned by Weaver Vale Housing Trust and are successful, our Home Moves staff will explain the next steps. If you need to provided any information to us our staff will fully explain what this is and how to send it across to us.


How do I cancel a repair?

You can cancel and rebook your appointment via our free My Account app here - or you can call us on 0300 303 9848.

How do I deal with condensation?

Do you get condensation in your home? You can read more about how to prevent condensation from happening here 


I have an issue with my neighbours what can I do?

If you are a Weaver Vale Housing Trust tenant reporting problems with another Weaver Vale tenant, in most cases the Trust recommends you try speaking to your neighbour in the first instance – you can find more details here  

I’d like to report some anti-social behaviour

The Trust takes all reports of ASB seriously and will contact reporters to discuss the issue and agree a plan of action going forward you can find out more here


When are the rent-free weeks?

If you pay your rent weekly, we work out how much you have to pay over 48 weeks.  This means there are four weeks where you don’t have to pay as long as your rent account is clear. If you pay your rent by direct debit or standing order, we will work out 48 weeks rent and divide the amount over 52 weeks so that you make either 12 monthly payments or 26 fortnightly payments. There are two rent free weeks at Christmas and two at the end of March – check here for the latest dates.

I need help with money / benefits

Everyone's circumstances are different, that's why our Money Matters Team tailor their support to suit you. They really are with you every step of the way with advice and support about everything money related – you can email


BINS/REFUSE COLLECTION – I need a new bin / bins not been emptied

Cheshire West and Chester are responsible for refuse collection services – details here