Customer Safety

We are working to ensure that we are following all COVID-19 Government guidance in order to prioritise the safety of staff and customers, whilst providing minimum impact on our services to you.

We are using several methods to help tackle the spread of Coronavirus. These include Risk Assessments, increased hygiene, training, communication and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is looking at the hazards and risks, in this case Coronavirus and developing and implementing control measures to reduce the risk to be as low as practicle. You can click here to see a detailed risk assessment and all of our frontline staff have been consulted, communicated with and trained on their individual department risk assessments. In line with the Government guidance we are taking the following approach;


  • We have reviewed our services and our utmost priority continues to be the safety of both our staff and our customers on the basis that the Covid-19 pandemic is still a threat. 
  • Risk assessments and service re-start plans are already being established, but we must ensure a safe working environment for our staff and we are only opening services we feel are critical or that can be undertaken safely.

Where the task is deemed critical or safe to complete, (click here for our service update) we will take the following actions;

Reduce Risk

  • Maintain 2metre social distancing
  • Increase hand hygiene and cleaning regimes
  • Work from home where possible
  • Provide any necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  

Isolate Risk

  • Keep employees working alone where possible
  • Travel in separate vehicles where possible
  • Provide any necessary PPE

Control Risk

  • Train on new ways of working
  • Provide additional plant and equipment
  • Provide any necessary PPE

The risk assessments are being constantly reviewed and updated as new guidance is released. We will do all we can to share as much information with you on what measures we are taking and the reasons behind those measures.

We welcome any feedback from our customers on the effectiveness of such measures when they are in place. We also have a robust system for auditing these control measures to ensure that we are following our risk assessments, both internally and externally.

Increased Hygiene

Hygiene both personal and environment has proven to be key in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. We have increased all cleaning regimes within our offices, depots, vehicles and business premises that our employees visit. All relevant employees have been provided with the correct equipment to ensure hygiene can be maintained including antibacterial sprays, antibacterial wipes, and antibacterial wipes along with methods of disposing of the cleaning products.


We will ensure that we train all of our staff with any new measures we put in place. The training will include the briefing of risk assessments, so that they are fully aware of the control measures that must be in place whilst completing their work.

Additional training on any new ways of working including the use of new equipment, PPE, and cleaning/hygiene processes. PPE will be provided to members of our staff for protection where it is deemed appropriate, especially during home visits so that your safety is put first. 


Where any of our staff or contractors inform us of symptoms or test positive for Coronavirus, we will ensure we do everything reasonably practicable, the member of staff will follow the self-isolation guidance from the Government and we will provide any support they need.

All cases reported to us will be recorded within our Housing Management System to allow us to track cases and manage information given to us. Our customer service hub will be asking questions when we are in contact with customers in line with Government guidelines to ensure protection for our employees and customers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE are items that our employees can use to help protect themselves and people they meet. These items include items such as gloves, face masks, aprons, and overalls. From our risk assessments we have identified when and where these items are required and we have ensured that it is only as a last resort this is in line with government guidelines and will ensure PPE supplies are available for when they are required.   

Self Isolating & Health

Self Isolating? 

The wellbeing of our customers and colleagues is vital and we are focused on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 in line with Government guidelines. We would ask that if you are self-isolating or have any of the known symptoms listed here  that you let us know this when you speak to a member of our team.

Colleagues from the Trust will be making additional checks with customers when making emergency repair appointments to identify any risks to themselves or the wider public. Trust colleagues will also be subject to the same screening when visiting our customers.

If you have changed your phone number or email address recently please contact us to make sure we have the correct contact information on our system. Call us on 0300 303 9848 or Contact us . You can also update your details by downloading our new App click here for more information.

Keeping Customers & Colleagues Safe

H&S 1 H&S2

COVID-19 Information for Customers

Our latest service update June 2021

We understand even as we move through the gradual lifting of Government restrictions, COVID-19 continues to be a worrying situation, the safety of our colleagues and customers is our utmost priority. We have assessed the latest England wide roadmap stage and you can see an update regarding our services below. We will continue to monitor services and will let customers know if any changes do take place. 

Due to the pandemic we are seeing daily challenges that affect our workforce and customers. We are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. The main priority is always to keep our employees and customers safe. We do have an ongoing backlog of work and are working through this using a risk-based approach, keeping customer and employees safe at all times. This is influencing completion times for repairs which are taking longer to complete than normal, this is especially affecting large plastering works, where our staff would need to be in properties for a number of days. 

Appointments booked 

Cancelled repairs from the initial of lockdown continue to be carried out. However in some areas of work such as Plastering and Roofing works we have a backlog due to the current pandemic, and are having to prioritise some repairs. 

Routine Repairs 

  • You can report new routine repairs via our app, click here to download or by calling us on 0300 303 9848.  Emergency repairs (including any necessary compliance checks / H&S related work or inspections) continue by calling 0300 303 9848.
  • Our Head Office Our Head Office at Gadbrook Park remains closed. In-line with Government Restrictions we aim to re-open our reception facility at our Gadbrook HQ from 2nd August.  All of our services remain available remotely. 
  • Our support teams continue to work from home, please visit the service pages on this site for more informartion.